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Well my famlily threatened to SHUT DOWN MY WEBSITE if i didnt add something about them,and how "suportive" they were of me,so i have to write about it.

Well lets see,i was 12 years old when i first say the first agressive good skateboarder at a park near my home.He tought me most all the tricks i know and eventually my mother bought me a birdhouse skateboard,it was a great board and i learned all the basic skills on it.About a year after that i leaned more advanced tricks and my started takeing me to skateparks.There i learned my first drop in,and many other things.Currently my family is helping me buy the shoes and equipment i need to skate board.My aunt recently bought me brand new reef skateboard shoes,my momperiodiclly pays my way into skatebaord competitions that tend to cost alot of money to enter,but im continueing to progress and hopfully if i get enough support i might make a living of of skateboarding,thanks everyone,peace out.

There are you happy now!?!?