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If you have a name like Gene, Bart or Randy you better leave.
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Things that piss me off

As the name emplies...

I think ive come to the conclusion that just about anything can have the potential to piss me off, going into detail would waste alot of time.

*NEW* As for me, the school system is what is on my mind right now.  At my old highschool there is a new assistant principal named Mr. Stearn.  For those of you who go to my school, be prepared to meet the biggest son of a bitch youll ever meet.  During the last school year me and my mom were told that if i was to do 2 semesters of summerschool ($280) and one semester after my senior year then i would have enough credits to graduate.  Evidently they lied and i have to pay a extra $280 and a extra $130 and make all good grades and go to 2 semesters of summerschool after my senior year, i said fuck that and if the judge lets me im getting my ged, well, tommarow.  For those of you who dont already know, i realized first hand how stupid the school system is really set up, thats all i have to say really.
Girls...i dont think i need to say anything else.
 I have had the tendency to be very laid back lately but of course there will always be things that piss me off. For right now i would like to get into the CHINESE KIDS WHO ALWAYS TALK ABOUT CARS, after the release of Fast and the Furious i have seen every single oriental guy at my school carrieing a car magizine and fucking talk about cars NON STOP, yea lets talk about cars and car accesories to make our already crappy civic a little bit better, maybe that way we can get laid and man let me tell you, the white kids are buying in too.  I dont believe in that shit to be honest, i believe that if your motor vehicle gets you from one point to another at a reasonable speed THATS GOOD ENOUGH, i dont want to supercharge my 86' cutlass oldsmobile and race fags on the street and bet 5 dollars and brag about it to all my freinds, damn thats lame, now dont get me wrong cars are cool however having a orgasim over looking at a exaust cant be healthy.
 I GOT DIEGO BUCCHIERI AND ED TEMP'S AUTOGRAPH, haha, this was a long time ago, but they did a demo at the edmond skatepark shortly after it opened, sorry just had to tell everyone that...but anyway...something that pisses me about the stupid asses that like to yell out at there cars when they drive by and see you skate "skateing sucks". Thats pretty stupid, or how about stupid girls? There never good, but for a main thing that really makes me mad? Visit the skateboard shop at Crossroads Mall in Oklahoma City and meet the dirty asshole who works there, its selling out skateboarding at its very best, stickers for 3 dollars, oh boy!! what a sonofabitch, well anyway, ill leave it to you to judge the guy.
Here in edmond the new skatepark is about done being built, it looks great, a incredible bowl and street course, you wouldnt believe, its really good that the city has finally decided to make a good skatepark for everyone...but also, of course, i had to put something on this page that pisses me off and yea i have a new one, i dont know exactly what the word is...but ill just say the Assholes of skateboarding are really getting out of hand, you know what im talking about, the good skateboarders that think they can talk to people how ever they want cause your not as good as them, they figure "yea this kid is younger than me so ill just piss on his face cause hes not worth talking to" at the skatepark especially people like that make me not want to skate, it is a shame that there are people like that out there.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Well for something new on the things that piss me off page i would like to talk about posers, yes posers, they are a threat to us all, their actions and dress set stereotypes for everyone who isint a skater around the world.  Typically posers are 12-14 years old, they listen to Limp Bizkit because they think it is cool to listen to music their parents dont aprove of, they wear Jncos, which are very gay to say the least, i thought they were gay from the beginning when they came out in the 6th grade, they want desparetely to be accepted. The skateboard posers are very similar and for the most part only skate because they played the tony hawk game and they want to learn how to do a christ air.
So i am flipping through the channels and this show comes on ABC or something called "SK8", now my first reaction is wow, a skate show on a non cable network, then it slowly went to "this is completely gay", for those of you who havent seen the show it is about the tribulations of a group of freinds who 'sk8' together and are confronted with many problems. I dont know if i entirely speak for all the skaters out there but this really pisses me off, and commercializtion of skateing is pathetic to me. 7up commercials, cheesey disney movies, all sorts of franshises endorse there products by useing what is now one of the most noticeable "rad, cool, tubular, hip" thing that all kids like to do. Well its not, and these movies and commercials are making the world of skateboarding diminish into something mainstream and sooner or later its not going to be a underground sport that teenagers love doing and old people dont understand, its going to be like Yo-Yo's or Pog's or any other fad of our youth. But i really dont want this to happen.