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Old diary entries

Heres some of the news and diary entries that i usally put on my home page but got to crowded to keep up

Well tony hawk himself was going to come to oklahoma citys own th Wave skatepark for a visit,however the cost to do this cost the skatepark close to 22,000 dollars,it seems as though tony is a.....dare i say,SELL OUT!

Well the snows pretty much melted and christmas is coming up soon,man its gonna be cool.I asked for alot of stuff,and i hope that ill get some of the stuff i wanted.If i had a life,and a job then maybe i could afford to buy presents,but for now ill have to give out love as my present.Well merry christmas everyone and have a good new year!

A tragedy has occured in my family,my grandfather died of liver cancer.I just want to say you were a great man,and youll be missed.See ya later.