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Equipment Rating

Heres my opinon on sk8 equipment.

Tensor Trucks:These trucks are awesome,they are especialy good for people who like to nose slide,and blunt slide.They are durable and cheap.Gotta get em'.


Black panther bearings:I think these bearing are great but,they wore down fast due to dirt and resadue getting in the bearings.There good while they last though.


Unit sk8 wax:When you go to a skate store you canm buy either the concrete made waz or the metal made wax.I bought both, and they work great.There cheap too.They last for a while.I would say a weekly waxing of your board and a weekly waxing of a ledge or something,the wax should last for about 3 months.


Tell me what you think,email me.Go to the contact me page and email me, i might post up what you put!